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Protecting your privacy is of at-most importance for our company, Appemble LLC , ("Appemble", "Company", "us", "we" or "our") that makes the mobile app "Jivayu- Your Personal Health Assistant". This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") applies to the mobile app "Jivayu" (the "Software"), the website ( and describes the information that is collected, how is it used or not used, with whom is it shared, and other matters related to your personal information.

Summary- Any personal information that you have provided to us while using the software or website will not be used or disclosed unless you have explicitly consented to it. We may use your de-identified data (that cannot be linked to you as an individual) to improve the experience of the software, provide aggregated community statistics, or add features to the software or the website to increase the depth of the offering.

Appemble has no plan to take any of your information and sell it to anyone.

By using the software or website, you agree that we can collect, use, or disclose your personal information according to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, you may not use the software or the website.

1. Information Collected by the software
a. Personal Information- The software running on your device asks you to provide certain information at the time of signup. This may include your email, password, and other data including but not limited to your date of birth, height, weight and gender. The software uses this data to assist you in managing your health. Your email may be used to send Electronic Communications occasionally. You may contact us via email (support AT jivayu dot com) or postal mail to stop sending any electronic communications.
b. Electronic Health Record (EHR) - The software may ask you to import your EHR which will contain your personal information including but not limited to your active and inactive conditions (diseases) and diagnoses, lab results, procedures, medications, allergies and immunizations,. This information is stored in an encrypted database on your device and is used by the Software to provide you with personalized information messages to manage and monitor your health. For Android Users, the EHR is interpreted right on your device and never leaves your device.
c. Lifestyle Data - You may connect the software to other apps and devices that collect your lifestyle data including but not limited to activities, nutrition, and sleep. This data will help the software to understand your habits, lifestyle, and provide informational messages from time to time.
d. Body Measurements - You may connect the software to other apps and devices that collect your body measurements including but not limited to weight, blood pressure, glucose, peak flow, heart rate, mood, and oxygen saturation levels. This list is not comprehensive and will grow as future technologies evolve. This data will help the software to understand your body measurements and provide informational messages from time to time.
e. Other Information - The software may ask various questions to you from time to time to better assist you in managing your health. This data will help the software to understand you better and provide relevant informational messages from time to time.

2. Information Collected by us- The software may share some information with us as well.
a. Non-Identifiable Information - We may collect non-identifiable information health information such as diagnosis, age, sex, objective parameters (Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, etc), lab values, medications, allergies, family history, imaging results, and informational messages given. The above content will be associated with a unique ID (Jivayu ID) in our database and cannot not be linked with any personally identifying information such as your name, address and email etc. The only time and place where an association can be made between the Jivayu ID and the identity of an individual is on the device where the software is installed, which in turn is protected by the unique password not known to the company. The health information collected will be used to improve the offering, assess clinical outcomes as it relates to the use of the software, and provide data in aggregate form to interested parties. The aggregated information will be non-identifiable.
b. Information Messages - The software may generate informational messages from time to time and we may collect them in order to improve the software experience, aggregate them for statistics and reporting. The intent of aggregation is to compare you with the aggregated stats of the community. The aggregated information will be non-identifiable.

3. Disclosure of Personal Information
a. Government Institution - We may disclose to government institutions for a request that is lawful; or to comply with the subpoena or warrant or order made by a court or a body with jurisdiction that compels the release of such information; or to comply with court orders to release such information to a government agency or to protect our rights and property.
b.Outside Contractors- Our employees, consultants and vendors who help in providing business, technical or support services in building and operating the software and the website on behalf of our company may have access to your personal information and your personal information will be treated with the guidelines set forth in this policy.
c. Health Service Provider- With your explicit consent, we may share your data with your health care provider using a user key provided by your health care provider. Having a user key and your information we cannotlink the data to you and only your provider can map the information back to you using the user key.
d. Business Transfers - We may disclose or transfer your user data to another company in case of merger and acquisition of our company or sale of assets of our company.

We will require the acquiring agency or organizations to protect the personal information that is consistent with this Policy and applicable law. We may also disclose your information to third parties where we have explicit consent from you or designated by you.

4. Transferring and Storing your Information - The software stores your personal information in an encrypted database on your device. The encryption technology is of high quality and industry accepted. The software may transfer some information to our servers using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). By using the SSL to transfer information from your device to the server appropriate safeguards are there that protect your information being stolen during the transfer. We use a cloud service provider to store information provided by you. The cloud service provider may store information on servers located in North America based on server capacity. Appemble will store non-identifiable information in perpetuity. Your personal information is stored as long as your account is active. After you choose to delete the account or uninstall the software, you may write to us at support AT jivayu dot com to delete the information from our servers and we will delete it 1 year after receiving such a request. Due to the nature of the Internet and Internet technologies, security and privacy risks cannot be fully eliminated and we cannot fully guarantee that your personal information will not be accessed in ways that are not compliant with this Privacy Policy.

5. Withdrawal of Consent- You may withdraw your consent to the use of your Personal Information at any time by writing to us at support AT jivayu dot com. Additionally we provide "unsubscribe" links in our Electronic Communications where you can stop receiving any future Electronic Communication from us.

6. Age Restrictions- This software is intended to be used by anybody who is above the age 13 for the purpose of informational and educational convenience only and is meant for personal use. In the event, that the software is being used by a child less than 13 without parental consent, Appemble reserves the right to delete the child's information in its entirety and revoke the license to use this software and website. If you are above age 13 and using this software for a child who age is below 13, you agree that the child's information will be stored on your device as well as Appemble's servers. In case Appemble is made aware that you are not authorized to use this software for a child r(under age 13), Appemble reserves the right to delete the child's information and revoke your license to use the software.

7. Privacy Policy Changes- The privacy policy may be changed from time to time at Appemble's discretion. We will notify you for any policy changes either by upgrading the version of the software or sending you electronic communication about the policy changes. The data collection and use of information shall be governed by the latest version of the privacy policy. New versions of the policy will be posted on the website. When you receive new versions of the software or updates via email, you should review the privacy policy updates. Your continued use of the software or receipt of email about policy updates will signify your consent to the changes in privacy policy. Appemble will bear no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the changes in the Privacy Policy.

8. Contact Information - In case of any questions, support, and claims with respect to this agreement or other questions you may reach us at

Appemble LLC
PO Box 2805
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-0805
Email- support AT jivayu dot com

In effect since July 2014