Chronic disease prevention or management

Should NOT STOP after doctor visit or END after short term wellness initiative


Lets make it a habit to engage in your health

Record your activity, sleep, diet, medication compliance, and AND view them in the context of your downloaded electronic medical record


With Jivayu your personal digital health coach

Get regular feedback on your health and opportunities for improvement


Increase long term engagement in self health with Jivayu

Your personal digital health coach by your side all the time

Live healthy, Live Long, Be productive

Dec 9th 2014 - Jivayu BP Coach wins Henry Ford Health System Patient Engagement Award in the Walgreens Balance Rewards App Challenge at mHealth summit in Washington DC


If you are at risk of hypertension or are trying to manage hypertension, get timely personalized insights in between doctor visits. Stay engaged to lower your health risks. Have a digital coach by your side all the time. Involve your loved ones to manage or prevent chronic diseases.


With Jivayu's alerts and health summary feedback, make informed alterations to treatment plans for chronic diseases such as Hypertension or Diabetes, while improving the quality of care.

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Accelerate effectiveness of your wellness programs for employees having chronic diseases by increasing engagement in self health care. Partner with Jivayu for personalized goal setting and incentive plans, for continuous tracking and timely insights. In turn save overall health care cost with healthier employees.

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Jivayu Partner Ecosystem

Increase the effectiveness of wellness programs targetting those diagnosed with or at risk for chronic diseases by increasing engagement and self management. Partner with Jivayu for personalizing goal setting, informing incentive plans, providing regular monitoring, and generating timely insights. Take a large step in reducing health care costs with healthier employees.